Yogurt makes good floor polish

Look at that floor!

Who knew. This morning, when the container of strawberry-pink Stonyfield dropped from the fridge and exploded on the kitchen floor, I had no idea I’d be making an unexpected cleaning-product discovery.

Turns out the slimy sweet yogurt requires multiple scrubbings to remove, unless you happen to like the sound of Uggs sticking and peeling off a wooden floor. Now from my writing desk overlooking the Contoocook River I also have an unbroken view into the kitchen where the floor gleams thanks to its early morning yogurt baptism. I would imagine Hunt’s Tomato Ketchup yields similar results.

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2 Responses to Yogurt makes good floor polish

  1. Josh Allen says:

    It’s also delicious! But maybe not off of the floor…

  2. Randy Avis says:

    What a gorgeous kitchen. Thank you yogurt.

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