To Eat or Not to Eat

Recently Rudy heard a rumor that’s brought us both a certain amount of pain.

“I’m sure of it,” he insists. “That dog gets a treat…just for eating.”

Can you believe it?

His eyes widened, sort of like Madame Blavatsky’s, and he fixed me with that look I know he thinks will hypnotize me one day.


Then he rose up, like a yeti–a trick he’s been overplaying lately. It cracks me up, when it doesn’t freak me out, and he’s been milking it.

Best yeti imitation

“Think about it,” he said, and sauntered off.

On the one hand, it’s a funny idea–rewarding a dog for eating. On the other hand…it’s still funny. But Rudy’s been like a dog with a bone on this one. He can’t seem to shake it. 

“It’s a great idea,” he repeats. “You know how ‘rewards’ oriented I am. Imagine how you’d feel if I STOPPED EATING.”


“Like that would happen,” I snorted.

“Well it could.”



It seemed as good a time as any to remind him that he gets plenty of treats, for tough challenges like coming inside, waiting in the car, and being a good boy. And in spite of that, he still felt compelled to break into the glove compartment and eat two weeks worth of treats.

What bag?

“It’s been a long winter,” he sighed.

He’s right.


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12 Responses to To Eat or Not to Eat

  1. Faith Hanson says:

    Savvy, Rudy. Like Churchill you came back to lead again. All thumbs up. Your wardrobe is intriguing–your black indoor garment especially. I don’t know much about fashion–what is it called? Keep up the good work.

  2. Eleni says:

    Welcome back, Rudy! We’ve missed you!

  3. Stephen Ray says:

    Don’t be too ruff on the lad Annie,our boy Prancer says-at least you don’t have to do the “twirl” round and round in the snow to do your business,though MAJOR treats are expected! And Prancer is pure white Bechon-just two black eyes and nose sticking out of the snow like little snowman! Rudy Rocks!

  4. fraulorbeer says:

    Rudy as a yeti is pretty impressive! He’d keep me awake at night. If Keller could do that he’d get anything! And I notice there is absolutely no expression of guilt as he stands next to the empty treat bag… it has been a long winter…

  5. JIim Seymour says:

    Long winter indeed, my dear. I get catatonic looking at all the white. But I always know when it’s noontime, cause my Abby comes looking for treats. Hope you’re doing well. I miss everyone in Pboro. Maybe a trip this summer?? I’m hungry for some George Bernard Shaw.

  6. jane preston says:

    Yay, I’ve been missing him. I read it to my 15 year old dog that I have inherited and we both smiled. Dogs know what they are doing……Rudy will win out.

  7. MB, Peanut's Mom says:

    Rudy! I am so glad that you have gotten back to your old shenanigans!! So happy to hear that you are getting what you need out of life! Looking forward to your next update.

  8. DPG says:

    Roooodie!!! Coming out of retirement…or winter-ment…sooo good to see him back and making his case. You gotta admit, he’s very persuasive. xoxo

  9. Rewards are their own rewards. Woody, it is kind of what you do already to get laughs. If your audience isn’t responding, you become even funnier. But you are not as cute as Rudy.

  10. Mark Woody Keppel says:

    Very sweet. I love how Rudy takes matters into his own hands if he’s not getting what he deserves. I would do the same.

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