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In Quebec...

In Quebec…

Annie Graves is a travel, home, and feature writer with deep roots in New England, even as she is also drawn across the Atlantic, toward the irresistible diversity of Europe (all that pastry).

As the Home & Garden editor and a regular contributor to Yankee magazine, the iconic New England publication with a cumulative readership of close to two million, I like to swerve off the map to explore the unexpected, embracing our weathered shingles but also looking beneath the surface to find the poetry of our small, distinctive region of the Northeast.

In 2014, I began writing an ongoing Yankee feature called “Could You Live Here” that takes readers behind the scenes at villages like Salem, Massachusetts, and Mystic, Connecticut.  See Travel

...on the Champlain Islands...

…on the Champlain Islands…

In 2016, when I became Yankee’s Home & Garden editor, it was a chance to deepen my love of New England architecture—and truly appreciate those who, like me, keep one quick step ahead of repairs in a climate that has its challenges. See House and Garden

For more than 10 years, I’ve also written about natural health alternatives, including herbs, homeopathy, and various healing modalities. See Health

Herbal goodness

…drying herbs…

RECENT TRAVEL: Home for the Holidays: Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas (Yankee magazine, 11/14)—They coast into the empty parking spaces like time travelers coming home…

Hallowell, Maine: Could You Live Here (Yankee magazine, 11/14)—In a quiet, early-winter afternoon down by the Kennebec River in Hallowell, Maine, you can hear the ice creak like an old ship…

RECENT HOME & GARDEN: Foolproof Roses (Yankee magazine, 3/14)—Not far from Mark Twain’s home in Hartford, Connecticut, is a garden that defies all weather…

…at Brimfield...

…at Brimfield…

RECENT FEATURE: Tasha Tudor: Legendary Children’s Book Illustrator (Yankee magazine, 9/14)—There’s a layer of quiet dust on the drawing pad by the north-facing window. All is in readiness…

RECENT YANKEE TRAVEL BLOGs: Off-Season (Just Barely) in Provincetown, MA (11/14); Bar Harbor’s Coastal Cousin: Winter Harbor, ME (6/14); Cozy Charm in the Litchfield Hill: Salisbury, CT (1/15); Pat’s Peak in Henniker, NH (1/14)

RECENT POSTS FOR RUDY*, A NEW ENGLAND DOG: Rudy Breaks His Silence (1/11/15); Rudy Meets (Cuppa) Joe (3/17/14) [*Not his real name]

...and on the road...

…and on the road…

Past stories include a woman’s unusual gift to her town, in Elizabeth’s Gift. A Rhode Island fixer-upper, and treasure hunting at Brimfield. Plus unexpected uses for Bag Balm, and a look at how Newport mansions out-glitz themselves at Christmas.

For more travel, home, and health, please click on these links.

6 Responses to Home Page

  1. Greg Dawson says:

    Years ago Wells Beach in Maine was nearly vacant because of these flies. They brought in dragon fly larvae and put it in the streams around Wells Beach. Voila, the green heads were eaten before they got to the beach. True story in the early 70’s.

  2. Robert Waite says:

    I grew up in Ipswich and worked at Crane Beach summers while in school. While I can’t say I loved your green head piece (because the words love and green head are difficult to put together for one who once swatted 100 to death while waiting for a ride home in Argilla Road), I must say you have written the definitive article. Well done!

    Robert Waite
    (Now safe in Ottawa, Canada

  3. Dear Annie,
    My wife and I are long-time South Jersey beach goers, we own a summer place in Brigantine (just North of Atlantic City) and I can vouch for the fact that Brigantine folks lay claim to being the Greenhead Fly Capital of the World !! A dubious distinction to say the least, thanks for spending time shedding light on these maleficient monsters…
    Kindest Regards,
    Patrick and Angel Sasso
    West Shore Drive
    Brigantine, NJ

  4. Chris Codrington says:

    Hello Annie;
    I was just brushing up on my green fly lore when I found your piece in Yankee on them brutal little Mothers (who would have imagined the expression true in this case!) Anyway thanks for spreading the word (tongue in cheek) before its too late and Im glad they let you off the beach and I off my boat alive. Please take precautions…at least one is bound to get through…..
    Thanks for a good read
    Great South Bay, NY

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