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Who among us doesn’t love the unexpected journey?


Could You Live Here: Exeter, NH—Spring comes early to Exeter… (Yankee, Mar 2018)

CYLH: Northampton, MA—On the coldest day of winter… (Yankee, Jan 2018)

CYLH: Salem, MA—It’s eight weeks till Halloween, and Salem is bracing itself… (Yankee, Sept 2017)

CYLH: Mystic, CT —By night, the river glides through the heart of Mystic… (Yankee, Nov 2017)

House of Seven Gables

House of Seven Gables, Salem

CYLH: Narragansett, RI—In summer, the sun casts a beach-town shimmer over… (Yankee, July 2017)

CYLH: Hanover, NH—”Parents or alumni?” asks a fellow passenger… (Yankee, Jan 2017)


Bre Doucette kitchenFarmhouse Style on a Budget: Bre Doucette’s farmhouse, built in 1846, would be scarcely recognizable… (Yankee, Mar 2018)

Imagination Houses: Less than 20 miles apart, two very different houses… (Yankee, Jan 2018)

An Ideal Setting: Carolyn Morris Bach’s 18th-Century Cape: The house sits in a cup of sunlight at the end of a two-mile dirt road… (Yankee, Sept 2017)


Waves of Inspiration: Potter Tessa Morgan (Yankee, Jan 2018)

For the Love of Birds: Wood carver Rolan LaVallee (Yankee, Mar 2018)


Home for the Holidays: Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas (Yankee)—They coast into the empty parking spaces like time travelers coming home…

The Red Car, Stockbridge

The Red Car, Stockbridge

Tasha Tudor: Legendary Children’s Book Illustrator (Yankee)—There’s a layer of quiet dust on the drawing pad by the north-facing window…

Beasts of the Northern Wild: Greenheads in New England (Yankee, 2013)–The wild serenity of the salt marsh stretches from Maine to Florida…

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