From Maine to RI

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Weather prediction

Weather predictions

Fryeburg, ME: A fair to remember. (Yankee, 2016)

Winter Harbor, ME: The quiet side of Acadia. (Yankee, 2015)

Hallowell, ME: “New Orleans of the North.” (Yankee, 2014)


Montpelier, VT: Smallest (quirkiest) capital in the nation. (Yankee, 2016)

Bennington, VT: Robert Frost’s town loves artists. (Yankee, 2015)


Shelburne Farms

Shelburne, VT: Shelburne Farms and Shelburne Museum in one town. (Yankee, 2014)

Champlain Islands: Freshwater Pearls: Hidden gems for a laid-back vacation. (Yankee, 2013)

Inn-to-Inn Walking Tour in Vermont: On foot, in southern Vermont. (Yankee, 2012)


Oldest summer resort



Exeter, NH: Like a coastal retreat…without the traffic. (Yankee, 2018)

Hanover, NH: Best college town of all? (Yankee, 2017)

Wolfboro, NH: America’s oldest summer resort. (Yankee, 2016)

Littleton, NH: Being happy is part of the local lore. (Yankee, 2015)

New London, NH: Lake-riddled and cradled by mountains. (Yankee, 2014)


Salem, MA: Witches and waterfront.  (Yankee, 2017)

Brimfield still life

Brimfield still life

Great Barrington, MA: The tastiest small town? (Yankee, 2016).

Ashfield, MA: Artsy stuff in the eastern Berkshires. (Yankee, 2015)

Home for the Holidays: Stockbridge Main Street at Christmas : Norman Rockwell’s painting comes to life. (Yankee, 2014)

Greenfield, MA: The first “green” community in the state. (Yankee, 2014)

Newburyport: It’s a Wonderful Life, MA: Maritime Christmas with a Dickensian glow. (Yankee, 2013)

The Cape Cod Artisans Trails: Over 200 artists and craftsfolk to discover. (Yankee, 2011)

Brimfield: Ultimate Antique Treasure Hunt, MA: More treasure than a mind can take in. (Yankee, 2010)

Boston’s Nutcracker Ballet: Enchanted Evening: Remembering a yearly pilgrimage. (Yankee, 2008)


Mystic, CT: Breezy beauty and our largest maritime museum. (Yankee, 2017)

Old Wethersfield, CT: Two square miles of venerable (gorgeous) homes. (Yankee, 2017)

Old Wethersfield

Old Wethersfield living

Chester, CT: A cosmopolitan hub hugs its small-town roots in Auntie Mame style. (Yankee, 2016)

Salisbury, CT (Yankee, 2015): Good enough for Meryl Streep…

Essex, CT: Steeped in history, like a teabag dunked in time. (Yankee, 2014)

The Sound of Spring On the Connecticut Shoreline: Spring unfurls on the other side of Long Island Sound. (Yankee, 2012)

COVER: Last Green Valley: Northeastern Connecticut: An oasis of peace and old-time nostalgia. (Yankee, 2009)



Wickford wandering

Narragansett, RI: Elegance meets surfer culture, with a dose of foodie delights. (2017)

Wickford, RI: Shop to the tune of gulls in a town that feels like an island. (Yankee, 2014)

COVER: Beaches of South County, RI: From calm to crazy, there’s a beach (and beach town) for everyone. (Yankee, 2011)

Newport: 30 Days of Christmas, RI: plus mansions! (Yankee, 2009)




And…Worth waiting for...

Weekend: Quebec City: Crossing international borders! (Yankee, 2010)

Chasing Spring: Festivals and Flower Shows: Best flower festivals of spring. (Yankee, 2011)


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