Rudy Breaks His Silence

We all need time to think and reflect.

I've had some thoughts...

I’ve been having some thoughts…

Certainly, growth happens in the spaces between the events of our lives.

A thoughtful position

Quiet, please…

And there has indeed been growth over the past almost-year since we last communed.

Growth comes in many guises...

Growth comes in many guises…

Much exploration.

Comfy, yes.

Just wide enough, yes.

New discoveries.

It's like a shelf...too?

It’s like a shelf, too?

Possibly some unabashed sloth.

What do you mean?!

Excuse me?

But also a growing sense of the larger picture.

The full perspective, so to speak...

A fuller perspective, so to speak…

And even a kittenish moment or two.

Something here

But who can get up…

With one or two forays into the mysterious,

Contrasting worlds

A world of contrasts

And more to come as we venture forth….



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18 Responses to Rudy Breaks His Silence

  1. I have a feeling Rudy is a JTR….Is he?

  2. jessie pollock says:

    Charming and clever in all the best ways.

  3. Katrina Kenison says:

    “You have a grand gift for silence, Rudy. It makes you quite invaluable as a companion.” (apologies to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle). Always so happy to find Rudy in my in-box.

  4. Eleni says:

    Welcome back, Rudy dear! We love you very much!!!

  5. robert micley says:

    Rudy is a philosopher. luv him.and miss him.

  6. He seems to have a lot on his mind.

  7. Kendra Cumming says:

    OMG! Annie, I mean Rudy… I mean… who do I mean?! Could you be any cuter Rudy?!!!
    My favorite is: ” it’s like a shelf too” and tying for second is: “excuse me?” and “eventually”
    I await with bated breath for the next post!

  8. ML says:

    Rudy – oh StairMaster of canine introspection – what are your hopes and dreams for 2015?

  9. gail says:

    oh monsieur rudy, vous etes si sage………….

  10. DPG says:

    Oh. I am so sorry. Rudy strikes a pose…on a stairway?!?!?! He could not be cuter!!! (Though he certainly tries.) Don’t make us wait too long before the next rumination, Rudy!!!! :-}

  11. Jane LaPointe says:

    Very nice to see that Rudy has been making the most of this introspective time. I look forward to his insights and reflections!! Happy New Year!

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