Rudy’s Resolutions for 2014

By and large, Rudy would rather skirt the issue of New Year’s resolutions. “Resolutions were made to be broken,” he has asserted more than once, while lifting his leg over forbidden turf.

Who, me?

Who, me?

That said, here are a few thoughts he’s been playing around with. Whether they will pass from resolutions into practice remains to be seen.

1. There will be no more guilt. (Thanks for the brioche, Koen…it was excellent, by the way. And many additional thanks to whoever left the chair pulled out from the table. It was just the boost I needed.)

Caught red-handed, courtesy of Allison Uchima, who happened to be coming down the stairs at just the right moment...

Caught red-handed, courtesy of Allison Uchima, who happened along at just the right moment…

2. I will catch up on my reading…

Happy about the Sox...

Go Sox!

3. …and try not to doze off.

More sports!

More sports!

4. Also, I will try to expand my reading beyond Sports Illustrated (but it’s hard).

5. I will demand a few more places to rest my head.



Not bad...

Not bad…

Getting there...

Getting there…

Are you kidding?!

Are you kidding?!

6. I will continue to punish any toy that dares call itself durable.

I've got you now...

I’ve got you now…

…and I won't let go...

…and I won’t let go…

a personal best of under 60 seconds...

…a personal best of under 60 seconds…

7. And I will get ready for my closeup.

How's this, Mr. DeMille?

How’s this, Mr. DeMille?

No, my paw looks too big!

No, my paw’s too big!

I look like a Cadillac!

I look like a Cadillac!

…and I will cut back on the mascara…

Bat, bat...

Bat, bat…

7. Lastly, I will commit to learning more about my ancestry. Why, for example, do I feel so comfortable wearing a babushka?

I dream of Kiev...

I dream of Kiev… [Josh Allen caught this poignant moment]

How is it that I even know that word?

But enough resolutions…there is work to be done.

Right about here...

Right about here…

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8 Responses to Rudy’s Resolutions for 2014

  1. Vicki S. says:

    Rudy is adorable! I particularly like the shot of him on the table. He seems so…at home!

  2. Randy says:

    I hope you found a couch or a basket on the floor to sleep in and didn’t both the little cute guy when he was sleeping in your bed

  3. Mary Lou says:

    Thank you Rudy for this inspirational story. You’ve changed my life.

    I hereby resolve to adopt the “Less Guilt/Pee Wherever You Want” life view for 2014.

    Keep up the good work.


  4. Jane says:

    Love the look into Rudy’s life and thoughts!
    I had a medium size dog with a similar ability to undo the stitching on any toy. Amazing creatures to have in our lives … Thanks for the smiles

  5. MB says:

    I don’t think this little guy could be any cuter! I love his* blog and, please, keep them coming!! It’s just what I need in the midst of my otherwise “meh” day . . .

  6. peter tuttle says:

    ….Trying to decide if Rudy is Mel’s (*not real name) alter ego- or vice versa. Delightful either way or no way.

  7. DPG says:

    Oh my flippin’ gawwwwwwd…..he* is SO CUTE!!!!!!! And knows how to work that camera! I mean, that first pic says it all! What a coy little boy! I laughed out loud at “babushka” … it fits, though, doesn’t it? I still think he resembles Sister Bertrille. (But don’t tell him that.) And those balls didn’t stand a chance. Too funny. And adorable. :-}

    (*Not his real pronoun)

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