Peaks Island Escape

Adjectives ensue on the ferry ride to Peaks Island from Portland, Maine. Frothy, brilliant, sparkling, sea-salty. Everything a quick 20-minute ferry ride should be. The boat docks at Forest City Landing, where Casco Bay ferries have been unloading since the 1880s.

It’s easy to dream here on tiny Peaks Island. Of tall ships and seaside cottages and endless blue seas and crisp breezes. You can bike the four-mile circumference in 40 minutes, according to Brad, who rents transportation at the unbelievable rate of $15 for four hours at Brad’s Island Bike Rentals (115 Island Ave.; 207-766-5639). But there’s no need to rush—beaches here are plentiful and accessible, a welcome change from the beach-rights squabbling that invades many seacoast villages like red tide. So take your time and meander as you crisscross this one-by-two-mile knob of land. Dream a little dream.

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4 Responses to Peaks Island Escape

  1. DPG says:

    Another awesome blog! Love the “knob of land” reference. You paint such lovely pictures with your words. Also, just magical photos…I want to transport one of those little cottages back here so I can dream a little dream every day!!

  2. Josh Allen says:

    Watching the slideshow was basically an adventure in itself! Thanks Annie! Also I hear that on Peaks Island some lucky people gain the ability to fly?! Not so sure that’s a good thing though…

  3. Jane says:

    You’ve inspired me. I’m catching the train to Portland. Finding my way to the ferry. And go bike riding along the ocean. Bliss!

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