The Largest Freshwater Lake…

…in the East holds a scattering of islands strung together like fish on a line, generously strewn with some of the prettiest farms and fields in New England. The Lake Champlain Islands rise out of the mist like Atlantean remnants, with views to the horizon, and roads with names like West Shore trailing along the water. The lake is everywhere.

You can read about it in Yankee magazine about a year from now, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak preview. Isle La Motte, North and South Hero, Grand Isle, and the peninsula of Alburgh offer unparalleled biking, swimming, fishing, and boating, along with a couple of farmers markets, a smattering of art galleries, inns, b&bs,  and not much else besides exceptional, unspoiled beauty. With solstice just around the corner, I can’t imagine a sweeter place to celebrate our summer’s brief but lovely season.

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7 Responses to The Largest Freshwater Lake…

  1. LC says:

    The colors are beautiful! Can’t wait to visit, smatterings and all.

  2. gail says:

    Absolutely gorgeous and looks so peaceful. I’d love to be there right now!

  3. ML says:

    I’m easily convinced the cows are happy there. Who wouldn’t be? Pastoral paradise per the lovely pix. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Linda Fitch says:

    Hi Annie, we love the pics.
    from your Fisk Farm Friends!!!

  5. DPG says:

    Oh, wow…I could see about a thousand more pix of this enchanting place…thank you for giving us a preview ahead of your article!!! :-}

  6. laurel says:

    lovely – I want to go…

  7. Josh Allen says:

    Awesome pictures Annie! I would love to go biking there sometime…

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