Rocking my blog

Just opened my Yahoo page to be confronted by a photo of Jennifer Lopez looking all dewy and tousled, with a caption that reads: “J.Lo rocks two stunning looks in one day.”

It made me realize how much I loathe certain expressions that have become part of our celebrity-reality-show-star culture. Phrases like “rocks a bikini” and “baby bump.”

Somewhere along the line, some copywriter at People or US (all good bathtub reading material, don’t get me wrong) came up with a catchy combo, and then must have thought it was good enough to repeat, just in case you missed it the first time around. An editor liked the hook, used it in a headline, and voila, a stupid phrase was born.

The Delete button is there for a reason.

Anyway, enough rant. Starting tomorrow, I blog a book. Right here. Got an idea for a travel blog that I’m going to try out and see where it leads….

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